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Frequently Asked Questions

Nonprofit Corporation 
Payment Types

Why are you a Nonprofit?

BHSA was formed/incorporated as a nonprofit in the State of South Dakota in August of 2019 and then did receive its IRS 501(c)3 charity status in January of 2020. By becoming a nonprofit we are able to offer modest- to free lessons for students of all ages - while still providing excellent instructors, as well as offering music education outreach programs; which the private schools appreciate for accreditation and their own payroll purposes. Of course, we have our own expenses (payroll, rent, utilities, insurance, to name a few), so we do still have invoices, but as stated before, we aim to keep those as low as possible. Another beauty of being in the nonprofit sector is our ability to write and receive grants - these help to cover costs and start new programs, be it music or art. A great example is a ukulele class for troubled youth we are currently working on implementing or the dream of beginning an instrument rental and maintenance program. We would not even be able to entertain these ideas without the ability to apply for grants. We are also able to receive tax deductible donations from individuals and businesses; these can be monetary donations or in-kind donations, allowing local individuals and businesses another way to support local arts, artists, and youth. 


Why did you move to mainly ACH transfers?

After much thought and discussion with our bank, financial advisor, and Board of Directors, the decision was made to go with the ACH banking in an effort to reduce overhead costs. Also, by using ACH banking, we are able to receive our accounts payable in a timely manner (and pay our bills on time). Individuals can set up automatic payments if they so choose or continue to pay with cash or check. The old method we were using resulted in spending a gross amount of administrative hours calling clients with unpaid invoices, not to mention the horrendous fees we were paying using the credit card system, upwards of $700 per month. We certainly don't want the new system to be a barrier to anyone's music education! If you are uncomfortable with the ACH payment option, you can drop cash or check off at the office.


How can I help the Nonprofit succeed?

Spread the word! The larger we are, the more we can help the community! Other easy ways to help:

  • Refer students to us! If you or have a student taking lessons this actually helps you, too! When you refer someone, and they stay for at least 6 months, you get a month of free lessons! 

  • Participate in our fundraisers, put on by our Sustainability Group (SG)! Their challenge is to have one every month, and you never know what it will be! Marathons, family painting nights, eating out at some of the best restaurants in the area... The SG strive to make it about family togetherness, but they do host regular things like raffles, too! 

  • Donate unused, new or used instruments in playable condition. We hand these out to people who want to play, but don't have the funds to rent or purchase.

  • Sponsor a student. If you don't know of anyone, just ask us - we always have a list!

  • Join our Membership! Each tier has its own perks!

  • Shop SHOP2SUPPORT! A fun and easy way to get cool gear every musician (and their family!) needs!


We're going to be taking the summer off. What do I need to do?

Taking a break? We get it! To make sure our billing and invoicing is a smooth process, please submit a Suspension Form, as close to 30 days in advance as you can. You can get these from your instructor or from the Front Desk Reception during Lobby Hours.


Why do you not take off all Holidays? / Why don't you follow the Rapid City School District Calendar?

Most of the time when we don't follow the RCAS calendar is to give our clients the most for their money. For instance, most holidays fall on Mondays; if we were to follow this the 2022-2023 year: Monday scheduled lessons would get twenty-nine lessons while everyone else received thirty-eight! Take the month of January 2023, the Monday scheduled lessons would get only three lessons that month while everyone else would get four or five. Those random holidays aren't always Monday, though! So always check with your teacher or the website calendar to be sure.


What happens if there is inclement weather and I have a lesson scheduled?

If the Executive Director decides to call an Inclement Weather Day (due to snow, extreme cold, hail, etc.), the Instructors will attempt to contact you via phone and/or email, but remember all updates will be posted on our social media accounts. We highly encourage you to follow one of our socials, just to make sure you are always 'in the know'!


Is there a 'contract' to take lessons?

Absolutely not! We know life happens! We invoice monthly. We know finances are hitting us all hard these days, and breaking it up can help! Further, we believe in providing you the best music education possible, and sometimes that means making sure you have a good fit with your instructor. After all, even if they are an excellent teacher (and we know they are!) you wouldn't want to commit to a lengthy period of time if they weren't for you.


What age can my child begin lessons?

This is a tricky question! Some little ones are ready for lessons early, some when they are three or four - some not until much later! If you need a number put on it, we've found the age of five is pretty good, since this is the age of starting to sit still and learn information in a classroom-type setting - however, there are many factors to consider, so it is best to call and talk with us if you're unsure if your child would love lessons now, or if s/he should wait. If your child has ADHD, Autism, Down Syndrome or another learning disability please call and we will talk through your child's educational needs, and how we can best serve.

Piano Keyboard

Let's Work Together

Let us know if there is something you need help with! We want to make sure you know why we do what we do and why we think music education is so important!

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