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Music Class

Music Education Outreach

We believe in giving our customers the utmost in music education - at any level - any place. We will travel to your venue, school, daycare, clinic or master class to give you the program you need with the South Dakota State Standards in mind.

Outreach Program Partner Cost: $40/hour

Cost includes instruction, planning time, and most materials and use of instruments.

Time begins when the instructor leaves the Studios (travel/payroll purposes).

If interested, please contact us for a more conclusive quote for your exclusive program. 


Grant and Sponsorship opportunities are available for applicable programs.

Music Class


Outreach Programs

General Music



Trash Can Band

Ukulele Group

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Private Schools

Girl Scouts

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Christi Hendrickson.jpg

Christi Hendrickson,
School Administrator

for Creekside Christian School

Black  Hills Studios of the Arts helps us offer quality band and music programs for our kids that we otherwise might not be able to offer in our smaller school. They are professional, but also flexible and willing to meet the unique needs of a Christian School.

Jennifer DeFluiter_edited_edited.jpg

Jennifer DeFluiter,
Lead Teacher

for Seventh Day Adventist School

We have greatly appreciated the service of Black Hills Studios of the Arts at our small private school. The classes with hand chimes and trash can drums conducted by Mallory Dekker have allowed our students to learn skills to equip them for band, orchestra, choir or any other ensemble or musical group students might want to join in the future. 

Principal Schwartz .jpg

Aaron Schwartz,

for St. Paul Lutheran School

Mrs. Dekker and all those at Black Hills Studios of the Arts work hard at building well-rounded students through their fantastic music instruction for our students. The students have grown in their appreciation of music and their instrumental skills so much throughout this year!

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