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 August 2023 Fundraiser

Every month, the BHSA Sustainability Group puts on a family-geared, bring-every-one-together fundraiser. This is another way for us to give back to local small businesses and where we can build on our already great community, all while raising funds to help sustain BHSA!

THIS MONTHS FUNDRAISER: Silver Linings Creamery

August 26 & August 27:
Come and enjoy Silver Linings Creamery and support both places! Silver Linings will be serving up their delicious concoctions, and we can't think of a better way to celebrate the first week of school in the books!

STARTED IN IN JUNE: Chase the Joker - Elvis is in the House



      at Mexico Tipico 23021 Hisega Road, Rapid City, South Dakota 

           also aired on our Facebook LIVE

          (Drawings held at Mexico Tipico every Friday at 7 PM)







You could win 10% of the weekly sales pot and 50% of the WHOLE pot!!                                                                     

Buy your tickets now! Check back for totals!                                                                                          

Purchase on Venmo @BlackHillsStudiosOfTheArts or in person at BHSA  




How to play Chase the Joker – Elvis is In the House

1. To participate and purchase tickets you must be at least 18 years of age and live in the United States. If a minor’s 
name is drawn the weeks drawing is void. No monies will be paid out, no card will be drawn and the raffle will continue to the next week.
2. Tickets are $10 eac
h and you may purchase as many as you wish.
3. New tickets must be purchased each week to be entered into the raffle.
4. Tickets must include:

  a. Name, Phone Number & Envelope number pick
5. You can purchase tickets at the following locations or online thru the Black Hills Studios of the Arts non profit Facebook page via Venmo or Paypal
   a. Organizations/Locations:
      i. Black Hills Studios of the Arts: Regular business hours
      ii. Mexico Tipico: Regular business hours
   b. Venmo & Paypal: you must include your name, phone number and envelope number pick
      i. If using Venmo, we will “like” your payment once your tickets are filled out. This will be your confirmation that you are entered in the drawing.
      ii. Even if you pay early in the week, we may not get your tickets filled out until Friday. If you have not received acknowledgement of your payment by Friday at 6:00pm, please contact Mallory Dekker at 605.786.4477 to verify.

   c. You will not receive any type of receipt for your payment, and we will not send pictures of your tickets after they are filled out.
   d. Online ticket sales will end Friday at 6:00pm.
   e. In person ticket sales will end Friday at 5:50pm.

6. The drawing will be held live at 7pm mountain time each Friday evening at the Mexico Tipico, 23021 Hisega Rd, Rapid 
City, SD and can be viewed in person or by watching it live on our Facebook page.
   a. You not need be present to win.
   b. The person drawing the ticket each week will be randomly selected.
   c. A single ticket is drawn to determine our weekly winner.
   d. If your name is drawn you win either 10% of that week’s ticket sales for drawing the non-Chase the Joker Elvis is in the House card OR you win 50% of the total of the total pot for drawing the Chase the Joker Elvis is in the House card.
   e. The cards are sealed in unmarked white and brown envelopes. The Chase the Joker Elvis is in the House raffle has 53 sealed numbered envelopes. Each sealed envelope contains a randomly placed card.
   f. If you can’t be present at the drawing and your ticket doesn’t identify which card you want, we will call you to determine which card you are choosing. If we are unable to reach you with the number listed, your ticket is voided and we will pick another ticket.
   g. Once a card has been picked it is NOT returned to the deck.
   h. If the Chase the Joker Elvis is in the house card is not drawn the pot rolls over to the next week. The pot will continue to build until the Chase the Joker Elvis is in the House card is drawn.
   i. If you draw the Chase the Joker – Elvis is in the House card, you win 5
0% of the total pot. The remaining 50% of the pot will be used by the Studios of the Arts non profit for their educational programs as defined by their Mission Statement.

7. Prize money will be sent AFTER we have obtained the necessary tax information (completed W9 for amounts $600
and more so we can provide them with a 1099).
   a. Winner will be required to provide proper identification.
   b. Check will be given upon receipt of W9.

VENMO qr code_edited.jpg

In the comment section: 

1. Name

2. Phone Number

3. Envelope Number choice (1-53)

    *check for available numbers*




PoshPotsParlour is not affiliated with BHSA at all, but you can order these pots at this link!



Elvis was found Week 11!


Elvis Joker card_edited.jpg

The Joker you want!!

Chase the (14).png

WINNER: Dan won $2,823.50 from this raffle fundraiser!

Thank you to everyone who participated, and a huge thank you to Mexico Tipico!

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